Digitisation & Innovations

AREALIS is increasingly focusing on digitisation and innovations as technology continues to develop. Automation, increased efficiency, expansion of our range of services and successful monitoring of internal processes are our thematic focal points. Since organisational challenges are part and parcel of the improvement of digital infrastructures, we have decided to create an interdisciplinary unit of internal specialists, called “Digitisation and Innovations”. This will allow us to strengthen the focus on technological development and enhance the chances of economic success.

This unit comprises professionals contributing the necessary know-how in the fields of real estate management, organisation, IT and quality management. Additional staff from different departments will be called in as further needs arise, to ensure perfect implementation of the focal issues.

Not only will the specialist group handle the launch of new technologies or ongoing development of the AREALIS app, but they will also handle specific departmental training based on (online) workshops, in particular, to thereby improve the general transfer of intra-company expertise in terms of design and structuring. Customer service represents another significant aspect, focusing on increased efficiency, especially in terms of the ticketing system and billing.