Successful TÜV certification under ISO 9001 – AREALIS Liegenschaftsmanagement GmbH

Successful TÜV certification under ISO 9001

In October 2021, AREALIS Liegenschaftsmanagement GmbH successfully passed the assessment of its quality management system (QMS) in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard. Result of the audit:

The high expertise of the entire AREALIS team is confirmed. The quality standard is being convincingly implemented without deviation.

In recent months, AREALIS initiated the corresponding processes. This was associated with a correspondingly large internal organisational and adjustment need, which our team dealt with very well.

A significant aspect, for example, is that indicators are now being introduced, and in the QMS as well, a risk-based approach is called for that covers the opportunities and risks in detail.

In the course of certification, all company areas were examined closely and vetted thoroughly. The respective contact persons were available to the auditor to answer questions, and corresponding documents were provided upon request, which made it possible to gain a deeper understanding of the specific practical implementation. Each standard is only as good as it is practised on in daily life.

The final discussions between the auditor and management, as well as with the QM officer, provided an impressive statement that the company measures up to even the highest quality requirements.   


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