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In real estate management, well-founded and broad expertise is essential to successfully manage your property. With our excellently trained employees and an in-house advanced training course for estate agents in our Arealis Academy, we can respond quickly and individually to the current developments, trends and requirements of the real estate market.

Our technical management department at Arealis continuously ensures that your property is always kept in good shape and condition. For this purpose, the property is inspected at regular intervals, so that potential damage on the building or a possible need for renovation can be examined. We ensure that repair and maintenance work is commissioned thoroughly and implemented smoothly with our partners, and we establish future prospects and budgets. For more extensive measures, we rely on the expertise of our in-house construction management department, we take care of the warranty management, and of course we work very cost-effectively. Moreover, naturally we also assist you with our legal expertise. Completely in line with an all-round property management.

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