(Digital) innovations

of home staging via 3D tours

Digitalisation also opens up a whole realm of new possibilities where the usage of properties is concerned. Vacant properties make it difficult for prospective buyers to get a feel for the premises and a proper sensing for the premises’ proportions. Home staging is a perfect means of stimulating the imagination of potential buyers, using carefully selected pieces of furniture, the perfect lighting and suitable decorative accessories to highlight the character of the corresponding property. This makes it possible to capture the special charm of a room and produces a sale-promoting enhancement of attractiveness. 

Since home staging always entails high technical and logistical expenses, digital home staging is an ideal alternative. Here, images of the property are used to virtually place the pieces of furniture in the respective rooms, thus helping the prospective buyer get some ideas for the corresponding arrangement options. 

In the USA, home staging has already been a popular approach for many years, for closing real estate business deals quickly and successfully. Now this approach has also arrived in Europe, and it is becoming increasingly popular, as it offers advantages for landlords or sellers, agents as well as future tenants or owners. 

If you wish to offer your prospective clients a virtual tour through a property, 360° videos or 3D tours are the perfect thing. In any case we’ll assist you where the optimum usage of your property is concerned.

Are you interested? Refer to your competent property management company. Whether the property in question is a residential or a business unit, in our body of experts we’ll find the right cooperation partner for your property.