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We are a Great Place to Work

AREALIS was awarded the coveted title of “Great Place to Work” after their staff in a recent survey rated the company a very good employer. AREALIS was consequently awarded the Great Place to Work seal.

Great Place to Work is a certificate highlighting the country’s top employers based on job satisfaction surveys across companies in a wide range of industries. Culture audits and staff surveys are deployed to test various corporate characteristic parameters. Trust is rated first and foremost. Trust in a company requires factors such as credibility, fairness and respect and these parameters are important when building team spirit and pride. Such a trusting environment will develop based on transparent communication, neutrality within the company and support and appreciation of staff. Because AREALIS convincingly scored under these criteria it is now entitled to boast the Great Place to Work seal.

“We have achieved very good results, for which we are proud and appreciative. We furthermore greatly appreciate the incredible achievements of our staff. We know full well that every employee makes an indispensable contribution to our corporate culture. The fact that we have now received this coveted award furthermore motivates us to continue on this basis of our success. Yet, improvement never stops. And this will remain our mantra,” says Peter Kranz, Managing Director of AREALIS.


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